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I get a lot of emails weekly about wigs and related subjects. Normally about how many I have, my favourite sellers, where to buy etc. Now I cant comment on my second hand wigs or my ebay wigs (Because I cant remember the sellers) but I can let you know about a great little web shop that I have found to be very reliable and of great quality – Insomnium Wigs. First I will introduce all of my wigs, starting with the older ones, and Insomnium Wigs later on, it is a company I would recommend to everyone.

tri1 tri14 tri15 tri4 tri20 tri19 tri16 tri11 tri10

All below are from Insomnium Wigs, I’ll try not to bore you with the wigs that are perfect in every way and will mainly write about experiences:

wig7 wig6 wig5 wig4 wig3 wig2 wig1 tri2 tri17 tri18 tri21 tri22 tri23 tri24 tri13 tri12 tri9 tri8 tri7 tri6 tri5 tri3

I actually have two more wigs not shown here, making the current count at 33.

Insomnium Wigs has a vast selection of wigs to choose from in their web shop. From popular Pastel Goth styles, to natural and everyday. The store itself seems to govern more towards the J-Style genre of fashion, but is equally as accessible to those simply looking for something fun and out of the ordinary.

With all wigs, certain styles are more manageable than others. My wigs from this store which have featured curls or crimping, are best left unbrushed but also more susceptible to knots – to not disrupt the curl, try to cut out the source of the problem so as to remove as little hair as possible. I have found however, that straight and wavy wigs from this store are exceptionally strong, sleek and brush very well, with the wave and style returning with no extra treatment – bounces back! All of the wigs I have received from Insomnium Wigs have been easily more manageable, more realistic and better quality than those bought from Ebay or another well known wig online shop which uses Kanekleon Fibre.

Edit – 01/06/2014 – I have many more wigs and unable to keep updating this one post, so will be publishing reviews on individual wigs hopefully on a monthly basis 🙂

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