Why I Got Into Photography and Where Am I Going Now?


I first got into photography in 2007, hanging out with friends and taking photographs on a simple compact camera, that was seven years a go and technology has changed immensely. Back in the Myspace days, most teens I hung out with were starting to get into selfies and fashionable photos, even modelling. I did some work experience with my friends mum who was a professional photographer, and by June I had my first DSLR, a Nikon D40x.

You would think I would start small and just take casual photos, but oh no, below is the first photoshoot I did. I had a coffin built and created large set designs for a Seven Deadly Sins project, and had my friends model through the winter, in total it took 6 months to complete.


I started getting into photography through my friends and because of this I have loads of images of the best year of my life. At first, I liked the idea of photographing people in a way that made them unrecognisable, making them love what they see and build up their confidence, such as taking a Goth and exhibiting them in an otherworldly fairytalesque environment or someone why in a confident and beautiful way. For some reason, the fairytale thing has always been my style, I didn’t know it at the time but everyone else could point it out, my work was never real and I always sought out old locations or places of grandeur or wonder.

From this, it became clear that I wanted to photograph things that could not be photographed, as when I was a fine artist, I was best at drawing things that which did not exist (or were not right in front of me) my memory was a greater tool than my eyesight when it came to still life.


When I started university I think I became obsessed with wanting to be a strict fashion photographer and grow up my style from the fairytale image. However I think this just magnified my fantastical style, but also gave me discipline and showed me where I was struggling with quality. I also began delving into fetish and matured massively during the completion of my exhibitions, going through rehab and doing my dissertation.

Now, a year after graduating, I produce work such as below, shot in July. We have the elements of fantasy and grandeur from the location and props, fetish from the attire and personality of the model, but the high standards of editorial fashion and the shimmer on the skin. It’s great to see how you have developed over time and in different areas, and it also helps me see what I still need to work on to make that difference larger.

cat leopard cheetah tiger animal print castle manor rich woman model blonde female pose pin up underwear hosiery lingerie lord lady king queen

Now I am currently really interested in the more technical side of things as oppose to the visual result, including Landscape, Wildlife and product and interiors photography.

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