What Do I Do When I am Not Shooting?



What do you do when you are not doing your fundamental passion and work?

Personally, I work (pretty much) full time at Dobbies Garden Centre in Birtley, UK. I used to also volunteer at a charity shop called Kathleen’s Hospice which was an independent charity that raised money for widows and orphan refugees in India, but I had to stop due to increased hours at the garden centre. I had a stint working at Nissan in Sunderland and volunteering for Durham Wildlife Trust earlier this year too.Meadow

I edit the images I photograph, brains storm new ideas almost daily and log them away. Recently a lot of time has been spent studying Photoshelter guides, teaching myself business and setting up a good website and promotional/marketing strategy with my web designer Darkanvas. This is normally on a night time when I also attempt to spend time with my family by being in the same room with them as I work. I had been planning on drawing more and doing some oil painting by splitting my time up by moving into an office, but when I took the new job, I didn’t even have time to get to the office, so had to move it back home. Starting a Photography Business

For now, I am attending a sixteen week teaching course called Preparation for Teaching in Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS). I study at a Master level and have to write three dissertation style essays and take a Micro Teaching Examination, the work load is pretty heavy and time scale is intense. This is almost over, when it is complete I am going to be conducting workshops from my studio. I recently did my Micro Teach workshop on how to wear a wig! White female wearing a cropped pink wig with pigtails

Blogging. As odd as it seems, blogging is becoming a thing in the creative industry and its important to keep up with it, right now I have over 60 drafts waiting to be written up and published for you all, but most of the time, each post has been chipped into over a period of days, rather than being banged out all at once.

Networking, as you do.

More studying.

More networking.

Exercising. I run (not very well) with my mam, who, bless her, is a 10K National Champion, stuck with puddy little me to run around the block with, when I feel up to it or can fit it in. I want to get back into rowing, but every attempt so far hasn’t worked to keep it consistent, being part of a sports club is really hard as you get older it seems. Our house has a gym, so I don’t need to worry about going anywhere to get on the rower, spinning machine or treadmill.

Seeing my partner. I have been with my boyfriend 7 years, and we rarely get to see each other and we don’t live together (He was at uni for three years, then I moved to Nottingham for three years, then I came back and he went to Buckinghamshire to help at St Tiggywinkles for a month, and Zante, to participate in the conservation of nesting Sea Turtles, and all these other places, trying to find work in the environmental and wildlife conservation field). So whatever time we do get together is pretty special and we try make the most of it, but because of this, his free time and my free time falling on the same day is rare, and because I’m so rarely free, it also means I don’t get to socialise much with my other friends. A man and a woman couple pulling faces at the camera

Fundraising is also something I try to do every week, I have endeavoured to raise money for  N/a’an ku sê wildlife sanctuary and volunteer in south Africa when I have raised enough money, money I earn from photography and work is also going into this.

Though this is all fine with me, I love to be busy and work, I just wish there were more hours in a day and more days in a week so that I didn’t have to break my stride by having to go to sleep by a certain time in order to get up in time for something else the next day or vice versa. I consider none of the things I do to be chores, I am too much of a workaholic it verges on unhealthy, but it keeps me happy and I think most business minded people think the same way.

So what do YOU do when you are not doing what people know you for? Be it a day job or a hobby or anything! Pass it on and do let me know 🙂

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