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I finally went to the doctors, and have been diagnosed with acute IBS, but the medication I was given doesn’t seem to be helping, I have return appointments in the next few weeks to monitor and adapt treatment, and have re diagnosis if needed. I’ve had digestive problems for awhile but since August it has gotten really bad, and I am ill every day, needing to take sleeping tablets for night times or sleep constantly through the day, or alternating with caffeine tablets, you can imagine how this might be affecting my ability to have an active normal life, even sitting at the laptop for too long is a chore. I wont be looking for a full time job until it is under control (my last job I kept getting warnings because I kept disappearing for half an hour when I felt sick). IBS is different for everyone with varying problems and is a very common disorder and is dealt in different ways, I experience chronic urgency and pains, resulting in fevers and dizziness and other various stuff. Any one who has IBS and has suggestions on controlling and dealing with it please get in touch, Free From brand food is far too expensive for me (or anyone for that matter) and until yesterday I thought this was just lactose intolerance.

Ironically, I have also renewed becoming an organ donor, will be reattempting to give blood in a few weeks, and then getting a consultation on becoming a bone marrow donor – Something I decided I wanted to do when I was 11. I have also started running, and have achieved 2 miles without stopping (furthest I’ve ever ran in one sitting even when I used to be an athlete).  I’m also going to start taking classes in various exercises and doing military assault courses in an attempt to strengthen up and battle away this belittling illness. This training will hopefully help me complete the Tough Mudder challenge too.

Photo Shoots

Thankfully, shoots haven’t been affected by this because I organise my day around the shoot and they rarely last longer than a couple hours or never far from facilities, so now my income relies entirely on being hired by guys like you, which is why I am offering a lot of discounts and flexible rates right now. I don’t want to fizzle out after my graduation, and don’t want to stop photographing just because I might not have any clients at the time, so I am opening up free shoots again for the first time in two/three years with the right people that can benefit the growth of my portfolio. I have always given myself a hard time on standards and self expectations, for me, my photography is not good enough, and I am eager to improve in all aspects, this includes the use of *real* models, or “agency standard”.

I’m not a model, and I’m shy and gawky, uncomfortable in front of someone else’s camera, but I think it would be pretty cool to give it a shot – I’m all about facing my fears and making life difficult and uncomfortable for myself right now 😛 If you wouldn’t mind trying to get a good photo out of me, please let me know.

UK Tour

So far I am going to Derby 28th October for two weeks, and have a few shoots lined up with models and a workshop but no designers or MUAs in the area, then during the 4th-7th November I will be visiting Coventry and Birmingham to work with Sparklewren and a model for Waisted Creations. If you are in the Midlands and would like to work with me during the 28th-7th then hook me up! You’d be surprised to know of my rates for the trip. I may be going to Southern Ireland 8th-10th, and then to Dewsbury for a week and a workshop in Leeds. Please know that during this trip I am taking offers and even just travel cover, as all money saved is going towards my fundraising event (see below).  I took London off the list due to lack of travel cover, I cant feasibly visit London without help, especially after all my other journeys, but would love to make it possible. I would also like to add Manchester to the list if anyone is interested, at least travel cover is a lot less of a payment than a photographers fee!

This trip is not for profit, but to network with new people, make art, make new relationships and see old friends who I would not normally be able to see due to moving away from the Midlands. As someone who is reliant on their income from photography due to ill health, and all extra proceeds going to charity, any financial contribution would be exceedingly appreciated. If I did not do this trip I would probably lose the passion for photography because where I live has terrible industry.


I am filling part of my time with fundraising and figuring out different ways to raise money for an expedition to Africa in 2015, I will post more on that in the near future. The money goes to a Wildlife Sanctuary that protects endangered and vulnerable animals, where I will be volunteering for a max of three months, but that is to be specified. This will include caring for the animals, including rescues and vet trips, building up the sanctuary and manual labour, bush fire control, tracking and carnivore preservation and maybe even working in the Bushmen schools and clinic. During this time in Africa I am aiming to also conquer my fear of the ocean, and photograph Great White Sharks, getting sponsorship for this would be amazing, the money going back to the sanctuary. If anyone is skilled or has experience in raising money for charity and expeditions your help would be greatly appreciated.

Other activities I plan to do to raise money are:

  • Scotland Tough Mudder 2014
  • North East Boxing Day Dip 2013
  • Bag Packing – not sure I can do that alone though.
  • Auctions/Raffles of indie businesses
  • Photography offers

I need help guys! Iv never done anything like this before. To check out the charities website, go to:

It was during my trip to Zakynthos Alykanas (and after a good talking too from my dad) that I realised what I wanted to do with myself. I am fed up with being a sickly, feeble human being, trying to make a name for myself. It is not money or fame from my photography that I want like most people – but to be able to share my experiences and being able to say “I did that” “look what is out there in the world”. I know longer wish to simply survive and be dependent on many materialist objects, but to live on the land with freedom and have one of those irreplaceable lives. Sounds soppy, but sounded good in my head.  I am now a member of the National Geographic, my dream job when I was younger had been to work for them, I think I lost that during university with all the fashion going on, but now instead of fashion shows and style, I read about science and the changing world, culture and nature.

So hopefully, If I can make this Africa thing happen, then I can do just about anything.


  • The rest of my time I am trying to study business, finance, accounting and economics, though this is difficult without the old school environment with work plans and assignments and homework.
  • I have rediscovered my love of reading (currently obsessed with the Anita Blake series), hopefully this will improve my ability to read and understand other everyday things.
  • Look after the family homes of my parents and grandparents, as they work so hard and have no free time or energy to spare for it as they get older.
  • Attempting to look like a grown up. Its harder than it sounds.
  • Trying to teach and advance myself with Photoshop
  • Despite knowing I do not want money and fame, I know no money is made with no following, and money is needed to live, so blogging, tagging, SEO, mailing lists, doing reviews for companies, making a website, videos of general interested – basic little things that go on behind the scenes and take up way too much time but is the main reason a business is successful, in an attempt to grab the attention of on line users and have them hire me.
  • Hell I don’t even have the brain space to remember to waist train my corset right now.


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