Uniqso Contact Lens Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Review


My experience with the lenses and the company:

I found the company to be extremely helpful and considerate, always willing to listen and you know you are not talking to a machine on the other end, they are not afraid to be informal or even use little faces in their emails to show you how things are going. When I have had questions or trouble, they have always gotten back to me quickly, spent a great deal of time helping me when I didn’t understand something. I have since ordered from them again and will no doubt do a further review on those lenses. The shipping was a few weeks, but what can you expect when its from Malaysia to England on economy delivery?

Unfortunately, the lenses were not so popular with me. I found this lens to be very difficult to manage and even put in the eye, it sits on the finger tip wrong and curls outwards, more dramatically when backwards of course. I am usually efficient at putting in my lenses but I must set aside at least 45 mins to get these right and have my eyes calm down from burning or tears, it is possible I have received a scratched pair, thankfully I know when they are backwards because when I blink, they move.  I wore these lenses once on a night out, I was fine until I took the lenses out, lost all memory from that point on and couldn’t stop crying – a weird side effect of contact lenses is that they stop you getting drunk? I also found the lenses do not stand out on my eyes, they just make my eyes look black, not pink or purple and the designs are hidden, so I am currently struggling to get a good photo of them in my eye.  It was a big disappointment because I had wanted vibrant pinky red lenses like this for so long, only to not get that effect.


These are my lenses I received from Uniqso to review, they are the Cafe Mimi Cappuccino WMM700.  As you can see they are not prescribed, but the company does have the option of having prescribed lenses. They are  Violet Circle Lenses2 Tones15mm-16mm Diameter38% Water ContentCrazy Halloween LensesCafe Mimi Brand.

The designs on these lenses are beautiful and intricate, but the pinky purple colour is not as vibrant as I thought it would be. I soaked the lenses for two days, but still found them stingy and difficult to handle. I struggled to get the caps off the bottles, but this is more my fault/manufacturers design! It really hurts 🙁


Remember everyone, you must bathe your lenses in new solution when you first get them! It is to wash off the storing solution which is bad for your eyes. You get a free basic lens case but you have the ability to upgrade to a better lens case pack with tweezers.


The box the packaging came in was fun and had sayings of Thank you in many different languages all around the outside.


The lenses arrive safely packaged and bubble wrapped all snug in their box 🙂

Sorry for the higgledy pictures! This is my first review ever, I plan to do many more, and will be doing a re-visit to these lenses when I have a picture of them in my eyes, along with wearing Gyaru make-up (There may also be a tutorial)

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