I need it to rain, or SNOW, for like, two weeks solid or between now and me going to Greece, trapping me in the house so I can get done the mountain of things that need to be done.

My image backlog to show you guys stretches all the way back to January, these need sorting and putting on my website/facebook/instagram/tumblr, not to mention some need to be finished EDITING. It’s hard because you cant just put everything on at once, you have to post duo daily. They also have to be re-edited/re-sized because before I changed my entire work flow, I used all full sized Jpegs so uploading took forever.  And any tumblr user will know the bane of queuing posts for daily updates.

I still have loads of draft posts to finish about each of those photo shoots!

How did i get through university like this?

I need massive help with my website and a few weeks solely dedicated to that and learning how to manage/build on it. I also need to implant this blog into my website. At least these little blog updates are quick and easy and can be done in-between other tasks.

Also I’m on the look out for new clients, and might be offering free first time trial shoots so long as expenses are covered if needed, I cant afford to take on to many TF shoots these days if I’m going to open up the business and go self employed.

As well as learning to build and manage websites I need to go back and relearn Photoshop/Editing as I don’t feel good enough in myself about that any more.

Not being able to do what I want when I want is really starting to frustrate me.  Sorry guys 🙁

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