Sparklewren Networking Party


The Sparklewren Summer party was a great event. It was my first time meeting the designer in person and first time in Birmingham, which i found to be a surprisingly beautiful city. I met up with corset designer Waisted Creations who I have a long standing working friendship with and she took me around and introduced me to many equally lovely people. Out of all the networking events I have been to thus far, this was certainly the most pleasant – there wasn’t a single man, coincidence? I met an underwear designer, a few models, a graphic designer and other corset makers and small businesses, giving out a lot of business cards and feeling great despite being surrounded by strangers.

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I also met the fantastic¬†InaGlo Photography, who’s work is extremely high quality and she was such a lovely woman too!

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Photo shoots featuring more Sparklewren corsets will be available in the Autumn, but talks of collaborating together on a photo shoot have also happened and fingers crossed for something romantic and dramatic for the future.

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I took a couple of snaps because the boutique itself is a wonderful and very photogenic place, here I have posted a couple, you can almost see the tiny details of the garments. During the event a few corsets were sold at a bargain price to clear the rails so Jenni could start on newer, bigger things. If you aren’t familiar yet with Sparklewren, you can find them here:¬†

Over and out – giddy corset hobbyist!

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