Sorry For The Absence!


My blog has been very quiet lately! I am so sorry, but life has taken a spiral upwards since I lost my job in January. I got a “proper” job, full time, working as an SEO Executive, since starting there I have become the manager of a small team, developing the SEO and SERP rankings of this company, which hosts several brands inside it. I also developed into freelance SEO and Small business management advice to help new and small indie brands to get the best out of their marketing. That’s what I specialise in, organic search – this could also be described as doing everything physically possible through hard work, no buying fame.

So I have been designing all sorts of different modules to help my team get to grips with marketing, and the company decided to run with content marketing, ie blogging. Here is an example of the types of things I write:

The Ultimate Guide To Decanting Wine,

How To Clean A Decanter,


50 Shades Of Grey’s Style,

How To Wear A Suit.

The list goes on.

Not only have I become an established Content Writer and Marketer, but I have also had the honour of guest posting on other established blogs in the various communities I am interested in (and along the way, I have become exceedingly educated in very bizarre things).

Such As

Social Vignerons

and soon Estate and Manor Magazine!

So that’s my day job, the night job is a little contrasting. Obviously I have kept up the photography! But I have embraced the fetish scene and been invited to photograph at Sexhibition this year, and hoping to attend my first Torture Garden, hopefully the Halloween event! If anyone is going, get in touch! I am offering free shoots, photos, anyone who has awesome outfits just grab me and I’ll give you my card so you can get the photos back afterwards.

Deandri Collar

Since I have a lot more going on now, and a lot more to talk about that hopefully people would be interested in (who wouldn’t want to know more about how to improve their business efforts for free and read about sex all day?) then please stay tuned – and I would really appreciate it if you would comment (or share) because I really like getting into conversations about this stuff and making new friends : )

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