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I have shopped with Pinky Paradise for about three years now and bought approx 5/6 different lenses with them, all of which have been perfect, however I received some yellow lenses from them recently that were not so, and writing this review more about customer service and product awareness. I have been hunting for the perfect, bright yellow lens for a long time, and wanted to have this lens, the Princess Pinky Twilight Brown as all images showed a very vibrant yellow, not brown, which is the issue I have with looking for yellow lenses, they always come up as brown, and a transparent yellow will make my eye go green. I ordered two sets of these lenses, one for myself, one for my boyfriend – his were fine, mine weren’t.


Here I am wearing my order of Twilight Brown, unfortunately, when I put them in, I couldn’t see a thing. I had been told by a friend I could have an astigmatism and that the Princess Pinky Range sometimes had difficulties with different shaped eyes. I tried turning them inside out and different eyes, all different ways to try and get my eyes to see through them clearly and not just a blurry fog, and later found the tiniest of little tears in the rim of the lens. It was such a shame, as they were a fantastic colour.

So I approached Pinky Paradise Customer Service for help and they were beyond helpful. Naturally they have questions you need to answer to ensure you are genuine and not just trying to get more free lenses from them, but upon the confirmation that mine were faulty, they advised me to choose a new pair of lenses in case I experienced the same problem by ordered Twilight Brown again.

So I ordered these! Seeshell Sunny Gold



They have glitter in them!! They aren’t as obvious or vibrant as the Twilight Brown but they are still a nice yellow (with glitter!) Also they go in with hardly any fuss and I have worn them first time for about 4 hours with no issue except a bit of dryness and tiredness because I was not used to them.

Pinky Paradise’s Customer Service Team were amazing, they responded promptly to my emails and were very helpful and kind, we even wished each other happy new year! And despite the issue being brought up around Christmas and New Year, they shipped the items promptly and safely and allowed me this gift to make up the price difference between the two lenses:

IMG_4097 IMG_4098

In the same original order, I ordered a green pair of lenses that I may as well review while I am here! I got the Vassen Sandy Green.

IMG_4119 IMG_4102

Here are a couple of different pics of them being worn with different hair colours, they are so bright! I love them! and they are very comfortable and easy to put in.

IMG_4139 IMG_4140 IMG_4141

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