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So on the 11th of November I hopped on the Megabus to Manchester to meet the UK’s biggest professional mermaid who had invited me down to stay for three days of intensive shooting. Toni is the mermaid behind Meet a Mermaid, a mermaid for hire for events, gigs, children’s parties – all sorts! She also knows sign language and teaches dance for special needs individuals. Never have I met such a wholesome and caring person who has such an empathetic skill with people.Ā bus megabusMy journey – the boring part! I got a seat to myself for the whole four hours šŸ™‚

milky bar chocolate white ghost halloween

Toni met me in Manchester City Centre bus station with a huge smile, a hug and a milky bar ghost! She refused to let me pull my suitcase and took it right out of my hands and off we shot for a quick night time sight seeing tour of the city. In all honesty, I felt like I had known her for years, we never stopped talking from the moment we met up to the moment we got off the tram and got picked up by her other half Captain Redbeard.

Coffee House shop building night night scape city manchester Coffee House shop building night night scape city manchester Coffee House shop building night night scape city manchester ferris wheel city centre manchester

I love Manchester and its surrounding villages, it is such a beautiful and diverse place without the stress that London has.Ā night portrait

Aint she beautiful <3ferris wheel city centre manchester

I was greeted to a wonderful warm clean home and a really comfy bed in the spare room/office. Toni makes the majority of all her food from scratch and gluten free and it is all delicious and you always had enough. I hope I don’t sound like i’m reviewing a hotel šŸ˜›

ship shipwreck headdress gold

During my stay I got the chance to shoot Hysteria Machine again <3

black and white cat sailor jerry black and white cat sailor jerry

This is Jerry, or Sailor Jerry, or Jeremiah, a huge tom cat that Red Beard and Toni adopted from being a stray, more like a dog, he is the first cat I think I could learn to love unconditionally (I’m more of a dog person).

We didn’t get to bed untill midnight because we were planning and filming costumes and were due at our first location the next day at 11am. Safe to say I didnt sleep for the entire time I was there, but I just suffer badly from sleep paralysis and didn’t want to take sleeping tablets.

lizard reptile scales snake makeup contacts big eyes

I am no make-up artist! This is the make-up I did on Toni for the day, and I really admire how eager she was to do something different and not safe. She even went out and bought contact lenses specially. I used hair colour spray paint with my make-up and despite Toni being asthmatic, was enthusiastic and brave.

I don’t have any behind the scenes photos from the first location, but here are some from the 2nd, we arrived at 4pm and it was pitch black by the time we left at 5pm, kudos to everyone who helped me in the freezing cold. Toni’s cousin Jodie helped us out and Captain Redbeard was my lighting helper.

mermaid beach hysteria machine mermaid wearing crown hugging captain pirate mermaid tail blue orange real cold man assistant pirate redbeard sailor boyfriend fiancƩe husband captain cold man assistant pirate redbeard sailor boyfriend fiancƩe husband captain

We were due at the diving pool for 7:30pm to shoot underwater, but we stopped off at the house to warm up and eat. The entire day was non stop!

chip shop chips steak and gravy takeaway

This was my first time photographing underwater with my dSLR and we encountered a few problems which were understandableĀ – I thought I was having a heart attack when I first put the camera underwater! Toni had a few problems of her own, she had been bitten a few days earlier on the foot and it had become very painful to wear the tail let alone swim. I found shooting and focusing very difficult when using a clunky camera case so the shots we got underwater were far and few, but it was a great learning curve and I think we could do much better next time round.

Sneak Peak Underwater Tail scuba diver swimming pool underwater scuba diver swimming pool underwater a woman getting out of a swimming pool underwater a woman getting out of a swimming pool

In all it was about 10pm when we all got home, 11pm by the time we all showered and dried and ready for bed, then 12pm for bed, to bed up at 7am to get my 8:30am Megabus back to Newcastle, this was the last photo I took, a detail of the house I really loved.

house detail, interior

4 hours later, and a 40 minute kip in between and I was back in Newcastle with my mum having a much needed cuppa break in Nero after a very intense few days. In hindsight, it took me until the Sunday to recover from the sleep deprivation, and I had such a great time in Manchester that I felt so glum on the Friday and Saturday. Toni wont have a day off until Wednesday as she is doing her Masters and has work let alone her business to attend to!

coffee cake pastry tea cafe nero coffee cake pastry tea cafe nero

Until we meet again <3


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