Pearls and Swine Summer Photoshoot 2013


Originally this was going to be a review, but then I thought I would do a proper review of some products I actually own from Pearls and Swine at a later date. I know I did a blog post about my visit to Bink’s house to shoot the Waisted Creations corset, but I don’t think I did one about my stock shoot with Abyss!


These are straight away the best, most creative stock photos I have ever done for Bink, simple, colourful, very un-British! I love them, they have a timeless effect.


Abyss was my model, as the three of us are like sisters, a really really odd, close family. I had brought along my – at the time – small selection of wigs from Insomnium Wigs and they really helped give the shoot a kick, along with some neoprene coloured backdrops that Bink then gave me a slice of for my own studio <3_KER9911_a

I used one hot shoe strobe flash light with an umbrella and free hand, model sitting.


We used primarily Lime Crime lipsticks and make-up, helped by our association and past partnership with Doe Deere, but also a bit of Sugarpill for competitive rivalry haha 😉

_KER9889_a _KER9872_a _KER9850_a _KER9832_a

Now that I have returned north from Uni, I cant see Abyss again unless we plan it out meticulously. However Bink is only a 40 min train ride away so I cant wait to get settled up here and then go back and visit and shoot for her – hopefully with Abyss as the model! Abyss actually had an ironic likeness to Doe Deere in the purple wig set which had been unintentional, but hilariously convenient.

_KER9793_a _KER9783_a

Abyss has a fantastic complexion, and very little retouching was required on her white skin.


These were the first shots, using Abyss’ natural hair, I asked her to do tight little curls and then I pinned them high up on her head, it looked silly at the time, but stick a hat on her and hey presto! Always trust your photographers creative eye kids!

_KER9721_a _KER9725_a

To my photographer friends, it is important to remember that you aren’t focusing on the model with stock photography, or images for a designer, your purpose is to show off the product in the best light and best way, pose or position, your model is a mannequin, quite often it can help make you think differently about shooting if you tell the model at the beginning of the shoot “never look at me”, aversion of the eyes takes attention from the model and to the other busy thing in the photo, the product. _KER9737_a

I cant actually think of what I would have done different on this shoot accept maybe shoot MORE items. But This shoot literally exhausted us, Abyss had to go to bed early and the rest of us could hardly move.  Think I would have killed us off if we had done more. (not all we shot is in this post)

_KER9728_a _KER9967_a

It is also worth noting that over retouching can cause as much distraction from the product as the models eyes can, try to keep it on the low, something perfectly smoothed out, like skin, is going to look really odd next to something so detailed like a hat, and not necessarily in a good, non distracting way.

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