Peachy Wig Review


Peachy Pigless




Length: 40 cm 
Ponytail length: 55 cm 
Color: Peachy pink 
Estimated shipping weight: 410 g 
Material: High temperature fibre

The 2nd image is a closer representation of colour, it was just a temperature issue on my camera that makes them look differently. I have actually measured this wig at 25cm for the length of the bob, 45cm for the full length (including the weird bangs) and each detachable pigtail is 30 cm each. It has a good weft of different colours, it is not just a solid pink but has peaches and yellows woven in discretely to break it up. Despite this, it is an unrealistic wig with a thin amount of hair, so you can occasionally see the blonde cap underneath without proper styling. It has a full fringe that is very long when it arrives, so best to style before wearing. The detachable pig tails are tightly curled and bouncy and have held up well..

White female wearing a cropped pink wig with pigtails

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