Networking Meet with Sanctus In Camden



Lucinda Sinclair

So I met up with Sanctus in Camden Market/London on Wednesday 10th July. It had been the first time I have seen the designer since October when Sanctus was born. Despite talking all the time over the internet, there is nothing quite like getting to see an old friend again. Lucinda (the designer), gives me courage and a lot of support when it comes to business, and with her behind me I even gave out a ton of business cards and talked photo shoots with some Camden Market Shop holders that I had been too afraid to approach only two weeks earlier. So hopefully something will come of them.

I got some sneaky Sanctus stickers and I gave her the original sketch of my interpretation of her logo.

Hopefully some Katelizabeth X Sanctus shoots will be in pipeline future too for the new collections. If you don’t already know the brand, check it out at for some high end, hand made beauties.


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