Necromancer Wig Review





Length: 61 cm/24 inch 
Color: Black and green 
Estimated shipping weight: 260g 
Material: High temp synthetic fiber

when choosing this wig I had thought it was much darker, almost black, but in person, it is actually a very pale wig with deep vibrant hues of turquoise and green. It is an unrealistic wig, but is expected and though unrealistic, has a good quality merge of colours of so many different shades that is makes the blending seamless and intricate. When you look closely, you can see the different coloured fibres that make up the wig quite clearly. It has a thick weft on a brown cap with excellent ombre waves.  I would not recommend cutting the fringe as you would loose a lot of the ombre effect on the bangs but with practice you could wear this as a side fringe.

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