My Etiquette Guide in the Photography Industry



  • ALWAYS reply to your emails, even if the recipient is no help to you any more.
  • ALWAYS sign off with a good natured note.
  • ALWAYS be polite and helpful, even if you gain nothing from the contact.
  • Try not to leave it too long before replying, and apologise for late responses.
  • Never get angry by “No” or people not replying quick enough.

On Set

  • Ensure everyone is comfortable and cared for, a happy team is a successful team, put their comfort above your own and ensure breaks.
  • Treat locations with respect and modesty, sweet talking an official before hand is always a plus and can gain you special access. Leave a set how you found it.
  • Be disciplined and swift, do not take too many photographs of the same look, this will benefit you in post. Allow crew the typical BTS selfie but keep it snappy, and don’t show back of the camera unless necessary until end of the session.


  • Contact all involved with thanks and wishing them well, personal messages are a great way to form lasting relationships and a thank you goes a long way and costs nothing.
  • Go out of your way to gain feedback from the shoot, what was enjoyed and take on constructive criticism.

I could go on, but this is one of those things that develops with time. Either way, you get nothing out if you put nothing in. Be kind to everyone you meet! Help everyone you can and just be a decent human being, cause the worlds unpleasant enough as it is without a little bratty photographer running around trying to be famous.

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