Merida Wig Review





Lenght: 70cm/27.55inch 
Color: orange / ginger 
Estimated shipping weigth: 420g 
Material : Synthetic High Temp Fiber

The Merida wig as you can see below looks incredibly natural in the right setting. It is thick and heavy with very tight ringlets. I had measured mine at 60cm, but this could be because it was laying flat, and subject to the curls being wound up tight rather than hanging straighter. There is a realistic merge of ginger and browns to get a good tonal range in the weft. However, it is a very hard wig to control, style and manage and is highly advised to be worn with something like a hair band. It has a black and a natural shine that I think compliments the density of the wig.

Ginger model with curly ringlets, topless with rose crown.

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  1. Sara says:


    Could you tell me where can I find this wig? I really love it 🙂 Thank you very much.

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