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I recently had my first shoot in months with a fabulous model named Maz. Easy to say that  I felt a little out of practice and out of my depth, it was almost embarrassing at how much confidence I had lost from not shooting regularly – I felt like a newbie! But Maz was more professional and with it than I could ever had foreseen, having not previously realised she was actually a signed Headline agency model with a lot running for her at the minute.

We spoke a lot at first to bounce ideas around and settled on pastels for one set and then more of an artistic approach/experiment for the second half. We used Plastic Kat Latex within outfits that Maz brought a long (she had an amazing closet, working for Vivian Westwood, she’s got a hell of a lot of style!). The second half we got out a collection of old film camera filters I had found at a charity shop and just played around with them to see the effects we could get. With the plain glass filters I covered them in Vaseline for a streaked and fogged approach.

I have finally come to terms that I need to upgrade my studio kit now too. The stand isn’t strong enough to keep my beauty dish upright and at one point the light fell over under the weight of a soft box, blowing the fuse and bulb and nearly hitting poor Maz – thank fully, we only needed one light for the set!

I found the model very inspiring, and have since been collecting together my statement jewellery and wearing them whenever I can whereas I would just look at them at home, and also dressing my age, not just wearing hiking kit all the time (she says, typing this, whilst wearing hiking kit).  I have also learned the aesthetic of a tanned model over that of a pale one, which I have only ever really used in the past. There was once a saying in the past that models were all tall and pale, but Maz is tanned and about 5’3, yet has probably allowed me to produce some of the most fashion orientated images so far.

Pastel Latex Lady

Over all I am very happy with the images, though I can see the constraints of my studio holding us back. My neoprene backdrops struggle with consistent and clean colour now from light fall, but this was the first time I used my pale snotty green background and I actually rather like that too 🙂

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