Luthien Lord of the Rings Waisted Creations Photoshoot



First a little insight on the character:

Lúthien Tinúviel is a fictional character in the fantasy-world Middle-earth of the English author J. R. R. Tolkien. She appears in The Silmarillion, the epic poemThe Lay of LeithianThe Lord of the Rings (although not directly) and the Grey Annals, as well as in other material.

Lúthien is a Telerin (Sindarinprincess, the only child of Elu Thingol, king of Doriath, and his queen, Melian the Maia. Lúthien’s romance with the mortal manBeren is one of the greatest stories of the Elder Days and was considered the “chief” of the Silmarillion tales by Tolkien himself. Her character is revered even at the end of the Third Age and honoured still by the likes of Aragorn and various other peoples of Middle-earth. The legacy that Lúthien left behind can be most clearly seen throughout the later ages in those who stem from her ancestry, including the Royal Family ofNúmenor, being the line of Elros of which Arathorn and his son Aragorn were descended, and Elrond Half-elven who was Lúthien’s great-grandson. She is described as the Morning Star of the Elves, a term meaning that she was the most beautiful of all her people at the height of their glory. In contrast, Lúthien’s descendant Arwen is called Evenstar, the Evening Star of the Elves, meaning that her beauty reflects that of Lúthien Tinúviel. Lúthien is also first cousin once removed to Galadriel; as Galadriel’s mother, Eärwen of Alqualondë, is the daughter of Thingol’s brother.

The name Lúthien appears to mean “enchantress” in a Beleriandic dialect of Sindarin, but it can also be translated “blossom”.[1] Tinúviel was a name given to her by Beren. It literally means “daughter of the starry twilight”, which signifies “nightingale“.


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Makeup: The Fantastical Artist

Corset: Waisted Creations

Model: Moxie Evans

Headpiece: Kezia Argue Designs

For this look I wanted a very pure and “moon” like appearance, as the elven impression is soft, surreal and disciplined. I used alternative model Moxie Evans, who finally allowed me to remove her inked eyebrows and replace with the new trend in high fashion that is “lack of” or albino/cancerous appearance, though slightly morbid, its appropriate.  My MUA and I proceeded to cover Moxie in baby oil and white and blue powder paint, unfortunately, this gave Moxie a bit of a chill later on.

The headdress has 3500 beads per lily and painstakingly hand made. It is surprisingly robust and heavy and needed some monitoring! I fashioned the skirt myself out of fabric sent to me by the designer with a pair of my own frilly lace silver shorts.

The corset is a new construction method and is fully mailable, the over bust “petals” can be shaped and twisted and will hold its new shape until moved again, giving a flower opening effect. It is made out of a beautiful thick spotted grey coutil with ivory laces and silver busk.


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