Lucinda Sinclair of Sanctus Designer Clothing in September 2014 Interview


This interview is brought to you early September to allow for time revolving around London Fashion Week and the New Year of the Fashion Industry that is September.


Inhouse Film Festival

“My mother called me Lucinda Elizabeth Darling Sinclair. I call myself the rodent whisperer, a fashion designer and part time clothes horse. I live in a shared warehouse space with 5 other artists/nutters in North London. I get up in the morning and have a very short but aggressive internal battle with myself regarding whether or not I attend the gym that morning. I walk around like a blind mole until I’ve consumed enough coffee to function, and I work in the Sanctus studio most days which is directly outside of my bedroom (convenient or completely inconvenient, you decide.) Sometimes I abandon my hermit lifestyle to attend castings and shoots.”

Lucinda is the creator behind the hit fashion label Sanctus. Shortly after graduating fashion design at Nottingham Trent University, she moved to North London where business soared and she became a successful signed Nevs model and now in Space Model Management, published in countless high end fashion magazines. Kate Elizabeth and Lucinda met in Kate’s first year at university when they shot together, and reconnected again one year later, becoming fast friends shooting, making hair extensions and adventuring around Camden.

Lucinda Sinclair

Lucinda on the catwalk

Lucinda is most renowned for her high rising designer label Sanctus, but her modelling work has been equally successful, featuring in, to name a few, the following publications:

Model @ Space Model Management and formerly NEVS


Glacier Magazine

Vanity Magazine

EGL Magazine

Live! Mag

Russian Elle

Stockholm Streetstyle

Nylon Japan

Sessions Magazine

Obscurus Magazine

Noctis Magazine Online

Avenir Magazine

Esprit (czech) Magazine

Fin (finnish) Magazine

 Televised Interviews:

 T4 Frock Me

Treets Style at Paris Fashion Week ’11

TGI hair promotion modelling acidhippie

Lucinda modelling for TGI promotions

Quick question time! Favourite colours/styles/food/drink/part of London/ways to relax?

Colour: Unsurprisingly, black! Although bizarrely, all of my kitchen ware is pink…

Style: Steampunk is amazing, it takes such commitment!

Food: Salmon sashimi

Drink: Mai Tai

Part of London: Stoke Newington

Ways to relax: A glass of wine and a rolled cigarette – I wish it was something more spiritual!


Lucinda in the Sanctus Studio

Awhile back you took a trip to do a talk at an event in Wales on life coaching – how did it go? The prospect of giving a lecture to a seminar of students seems daunting.

It went so well – I was being interviewed by my life coach, Jools Parsons in front of an audience of women at one of her Simply You events. I feel so at ease with her as we’ve known each other since I was 6 or 7, so I forgot to be nervous!

How did you get to do the talk and get involved with life coaching altogether? How has it affected your new life in the big city?

I spent New Years with Jools and both of our families in December 2011. I was in my 3rd year of University and was discussing with her how I felt like a tiny fish in a giant pond, and that the competition was too great for me to make anything of myself. I cringe thinking about the way I used to speak about myself! We decided to start work together with Jools coaching me through my last year of University, which led to life changing results. I don’t mean that lightly – starting Sanctus, signing to an agency, moving into a studio in London was all down to Jools’ help in rewiring my brain and subscribing to the idea of the law of attraction. Her website is


You’ve upped your game with the health kick – I spy going to the gym?! And remember your gluten free diet. What’s your routine and diet these days to keep that fabulous model body and stay brain healthy to take on all that work you do.

You are too kind to me Kate! I try to go to the gym 3 times a week where I do mostly cardio – anything that makes me look like a steamed lobster after an hour. I’m also gluten and dairy free which I highly recommend for anyone with digestive woes like me! I really miss bagels though :’(


Casstronaut wearing Sanctus


BINTM winner Letitia Herod in the Luctuosa Maxi dress in Institute Magazine. Beautiful. Photographer: Sara Melotti Model: Letitia @Models1  Styling: Bianca Nicole  Make up: Tamara Tott Hair: Claire Harvey Hair assistant: Michela Bazzoli


Wylona Hayashi in Sanctus

Your modelling has become a dramatically large part of your life, resulting in a new shiny website, how are you finding the model life? It’s obviously making you very busy – is it worth it?

Sometimes I have to take a step back and remember why I came to London in the first place. Sanctus will always be the biggest priority in my life, but if I can relieve the financial strain of renting a London studio then it takes the heat off the brand too. I’d prefer to sacrifice my own stress levels than make decisions for Sanctus based on it being my sole income. I also love modelling! What a glorious way to network and meet like-minded creatives in London.

What’s it like living in London compared to everywhere else you have lived?

Busy, extremely fast paced, endless opportunity, delicious, romantic. It was a real game changer and I’m so glad I did it when I did. Going from sleepy, isolated Cambridgeshire to a place where I can jump on the tube and go to a sober rave at 6am to kick start my day took a while to get used to.


Sanctus on the rails in Blackout Stuttgart

Give me the low down on the next Sanctus range! When is it out, what can we look forward too?

It’s called Water, and was originally about the lost city of Atlantis but slowly developed into being inspired by creatures of the deep… The collection will be shown for the first time at London Fashion Week, at an event I’m holding on the 16th. The show will feature 5 other up and coming young designers.


WATER by Sanctus. Unveiling at the AnAesthetic ‘Next Generation’ show at London Fashion Week, 16th September.

What are you and Sanctus up to for the remaining part of this year and fashion week in September?

The show is taking over the next couple of weeks for me, day and night! Later this month I’ll be releasing the popular Asylum Coat in a variety of hood colours. Colour! Imagine that.


Looking back do you think you would have done anything in life differently? From education to career choices.

Not at all. Learning along the way regardless of mistakes made is so important for self development. I feel very blessed to be in the position that I’m in and am grateful everyday!

You’re a very modest and humble person, but I know many people look up to you and are big fans of Sanctus. Is there anything you would like to add for people reading? Perhaps advice or any lessons you have learned on your journey.

Aw, Kate! Thank you. My advice is to trust and love yourself unconditionally. I’d also recommend reading about the law of attraction if you’re interested in learning about the nature of the coaching I received! Esther and Jerry Hicks’ books are particularly brilliant.

 In October I will be catching back up with Lucinda to see how the release of her new collection has taken off – so stay tuned!


The Sanctus space at LONDON FUTURE FASHION

Website: Exclusivity and authenticity by Lucinda Sinclair, only 50 of a kind per design.





WATER is released on the 16th of September

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