Lens Village Sponsored Circle Lens Review “Dueba DollyEye Flower Pink”


Lens Village approached me via email some what out of the blue, to ask if I would be interested in a sponsorship. Having done one for another company in the past I thought why not 🙂 We even got talking about future give-away possibilities and I found them to be extremely approachable open minded, kind and understanding of different needs. They also have no bugged me at all about doing the review once receiving my lenses, which I found happened with the other company I reviewed for, this greatly reduced the pressure for me with a busy every day life.

The site was manageable, but something made it a little bit more tricky to get used too than say Pinky Paradise, perhaps it is because the images are smaller or the selection and narrowing down process for finding lenses is less developed. I would like to see this worked into as I think it would be a great boost for site usability, along with using many many more “real life” images with product images, as I ad to do a lot of research to try and find particular lenses and how they actually looked on different coloured eyes.

IMG_4134This was my package, I’m not sure if it was coincidence or not, but everything was delightfully matching pink and I got a free Piggy circle lens case.


Here you can see the lens “back” and “front”, the paler colour is the back of the lens. I really like this, as I always struggle finding whether I have the lens on back to front or not! I found no discomfort to putting the lenses in, I could see through them immediately and wore them for 7+ hours with no issues.


Clicking the image will take you to the product page on the site. This is my eye (excuse the terrible veined and jaundiced skin) I have grey/blue eyes wearing a pink lens.

I am quite bad at photographing lenses on the eye for a photographer, so this image was shot using phone flash, my house is dark so I struggle getting natural light ones. However, in all I am very happy with these lenses, I have been after a pair of pink lenses for so long and my last jaunt at getting them they just turned out black 🙁 but these are a nice pastel shade, I would have proffered a very vibrant pink fuchsia shade but I cant find one anywhere, so this will do.

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