Iska Ithil for Gore Couture Photoshoot


November 2012 I had a great shoot with Gore Couture, Iska Ithil and Anastasija Potjomkina for this super cool light reflective corset.

Iska Ithil

Krissy (owner of GC) and I did a bunch of tests in the studio before hand and experimented with lights and props, I found loads of discarded clear plastic, pipes and tubing and built us a set.

_KER5571 a

We borrowed a smoke machine that I had to run around and get PAT tested before the shoot for days and it was really stressful – then they didn’t even check the damn thing! Health and safety my arse.

_KER5596 a

Ana was our brilliant, extremely talented make up artist and did a full on bald cap for Iska and hole wounds in her body that the tubes looked like they had been ripped out off.

_KER5593 a

Not every shot that fails to have the flash go off is useless!

_KER5553 a

Krissy made the corset, gloves and body straps herself specially for the shoot, and was my smoke machine handler.

_KER5577 a

She and Ana also did the pipe whipping in the background!

I was very lucky to have such a strong team, Iska and Ana came up from London to Nottingham to shoot with us, it was a really long day and I didn’t take many photos because the ones we did get were simple perfect, they didn’t even require much editing.

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