How to Best Prepare For A Photoshoot With Me


It is rare that a photo shoot with me occurs without one of the following, the model(s) will be briefed of the initial theme, however must be prepared for and/or comfortable with the possibilities of the following and dealing them in a professional and easy going manner, models will be required to be fully prepared and to trust the photographer knowing the following may need to be endured in order to get the best image:

  • Adverse weather conditions
  • Extreme temperatures – snow, subzero and fire
  • Extreme activity and sport
  • Getting muddy, greasy, covered in paint or otherwise, dirty, wet, cold, tired
  • Modeling to a degree of nudity or implied nudity – would be briefed prior to shooting for levels
  • Modeling in public
  • Being posed in unusual or compromising positions or places
  • Modelling with animals, insects, reptiles, other models at close proximity

Models must present enthusiasm, bravery and excitement at the shoot; they must not show impatience, aversion or unwillingness to perform. Every sympathy and effort is given to models working in extreme conditions to make things more comfortable; however the model must deliver or will result in the termination of the shoot, negative feedback, withheld images or product, or court action.

For more information on how to prepare, such as what to bring, see my older post “What To Bring to a Photoshoot”.

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