Hold Up A Moment


This is just a quick social update to let you all know what’s going down with me at the moment, in case a few of you had noticed the lack of activity or any issues cropping up.

  • I’m going through that phase of having to go back to living in my family home, contained to one small bedroom and everything else is ran by the parents and their rules after three years of being my own person and quite independent – so that’s a little stifling and dampens plans/shoots.
  • Having just moved back, I have to sort out boxes of things, but also sorting out selling things and sending designers items back to them, which might not be sorted until after I come back to England late September.
  • My self portraiture is slow because of problems with confidence and finding locations or using my studio when my grandparents aren’t looking over my shoulder in case I take “rude” photos. Which I know I don’t do anyway but its rather stressful so I cant just get down to work thinking someone may burst in.
  • My website designer and I have moved away from each other so from now on it’ll be up to me to learn how it works and update the website – no idea where to start with that and unfortunately has taken a back seat since July.
  • August is technically my holiday, so I’m trying to enjoy it, go out, see things, see people while I still have the chance, and not taking on many responsibilities or promises.
  • I have had minor surgery.
  • I have been away on a work placement for a job I am hoping to get.
  • I have started exercising/running/training, since its been so long since iv done this, one run a day is wiping me out for hours after and makes doing other stuff really hard until late afternoon.
  • I still have commissions to get through and working through a back log of images from back in March, such as shoots I may have edited one photo from but never did the rest due to my exhibition.
  • Iv been so busy/preoccupied that i haven’t even been able to try on/train my new corsets yet 🙁

I’m sure there’s other things but this will do for now 🙂

Oh and I also got addicted to Instagram 🙁

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