Historical Recreation Portraiture Project


In my first year at University, I took my first project very seriously – a lot more seriously than most people and went all out – more all out than I probably should have, because my efforts weren’t appreciated at all by the tutor. I began by photographing a couple of friends after befriending some hair stylists and a MUA at the local salon, they did the hair, I supplied the clothes and a Jewellery designer sent me some bits and pieces to use.


I played around with overlaying textures and writing and patterns for the “look”.

DSC_3008a DSC_3003a DSC_2983a

I shot up against a damask wallpaper and used a beauty dish, these images are also extremely photo shopped to give a painterly finish, as at the time I did not understand how you could get a “painterly” image without creating brush strokes.

I shot again at Bodyline Studio, and on both occasions used a film camera as well as digital, film is shown below along with Bodyline.

008 006 005 004 001 002 003

Considering I had never used film before, I was very proud of the way these images had come out (well, more that they had come out at all!).

Below are the Bodyline digital images.

IMG_0175a IMG_0163a IMG_0159a IMG_0158a IMG_0155a IMG_0153a IMG_0150a

I was extremely lucky to have such good models for the project, hair stylists, make up artist and authentic dress maker who supported me throughout this huge project.

Whilst away from University and at home, I visited Beamish Museum and took the following research images, which ended up looking more what my tutor was after than my original images. P1010461a P1010351a P1010349a P1010347a

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