Freyja and Pearls and Swine Waisted Creations Photoshoot


Freyja BTS

Last weekend I went to visit my good friend Bink – owner of Pearls and Swine, with my best friend Abi, also an alternative model. The three of us have had a close relationship since day one and now we are thick as thieves, pretty much able to read each others minds and on ¬†creative level we all just *click* its great when you can find that in this industry because it makes working together so much more fun. It is because of this that Abi and I are able to shoot with Pearls and Swine, as anyone who follows the company will know she doesn’t loan out to photographers/models, we are very privileged to have Bink as a friend and be able to deliver exactly what she wants for her brand. If you find someone like that, you hold them tight and don’t screw them around!

Arrived late Friday night, met Bink and Trafford and pretty much just stayed up till 3am chatting and catching up – I didn’t sleep unfortunately, but i never really do.

Next day was rather quaint, went to the local market and stumbled into one of those little village church fairs while scouting for locations for the Freyja shoot for Waisted Creations.

Later that day we shot a new range of Pearls and swine pieces, I had my pickings of five crates full! I was in glitter heaven.

And then I got to use (and keep some of) a collection of brightly coloured backdrops! Colour heaven! And there was make-up and wigs and ooo all my favourite things!

Originally we had planned on shooting Freyja on the Saturday with everything else, but we were all exhausted and no idea why! So it was moved to Sunday, we found a pretty little crop field half grown with that wonderful swooshy grass that looks like water when it moves in the wind.

BTS BTS BTS Loo Roll View Bink's Bathroom

  And some shots of the AMAZING inspirational house.

I hope to be releasing all the images from both shoots by the end of next week.

If you haven’t seen Pearls and Swine or waisted Creations yet, check them out here:

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