Free Range and Spectrum Degree Show Exhibitions


A break down for anyone who doesn’t know the hell I’ve been going through since March.

3rd Year degree photography students (at NTU at least) have to host a two week external exhibition in the public domain, entirely rented and managed by the students alone with no help from staff or tutors. So from March, I started shooting my project which would be displayed (will probably do a separate post about the project). I had the month planned down to a T, so that by the time April arrived, I had all the images I needed and had to do no other shoots – thank god.

Because upon returning to University in April, I was elected “organiser” of a group of 23 students. It would be wrong to say no one helped, because I did have support, but by gum was it a stressful 24/7 time consuming job. I had to find a venue for the exhibition, after a few different viewings with various agents we settled on an old unused commercial building after getting messed around loads by the university. The place was massive! It should have had our entire year, not just 23 of us.

Other various jobs that took up my time included organising invigilating timetables amongst squabbling peers, bills, negotiating on prices and contracts, electing other people to help me (would have died without them!), poster/map design, curating the exhibition and managing the Decarts group we had shared the building with, Buy materials/food/things for the opening night/transporting pedestals/furniture yadayada you get the picture. All in all, there wasn’t one day from April to end of May where I wasn’t required to do something relating to this exhibition, hence why I was so unavailable to my clients.

So this was 1st April – 5th June. I got VERY sick, fainting, nosebleeds, throbbing pains in my head and neck along my veins, fatigue, malnourishment all while doing 30 day squat challenge and 30 day shed and living below the line for 30 days challenge so I was very weak during this time, I eventually had to stop the exercise, I was living off £15 for the terms worth of food and taking on any extra work I could to try earn the money to pay the exhibition rent. The University is criminal to its photography students as we are the only art course that requires public domain exhibitions in order to pass the degree, every other course gets free hosting within the university and everything is sorted out by the staff.

There were a few of those “open nights” and celebration evenings going on at the university, I won a Genesis print award and had my work exhibited in the Internal Exhibition Show of the university, that was cool, I also met a fan all the way from Malaysia!



Then in June I found out I had been picked to exhibit in London at the Free Range Festival on Brick Lane, and then later found I had been given another Genesis Print Award. Things didn’t calm down for me until the very end of June,  but I went to London again, then Leeds, Derby and had visits from Newcastle and now its July and I’m graduating on Friday and moving back to the north on Sunday!

EDIT: Its now AUGUST when I finally publish this post and since then I have had a work placement in Derby for an agency, had a couple of shoots and trying to get my life together before it gets uprooted again in September.

 BTS Exhibition BTS BTS BTS BTS BTS Exhibition Exhibition


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