Fjorgyn Waisted Creations Photoshoot


Another of the earlier shoots I did for Waisted Creations was Fjorgyn. From Wiki “In Norse mythology, the feminine Fjörgyn is described as the mother of the god Thor, son of Odin, and the masculine Fjörgynn is described as the father of the goddess Frigg, wife of Odin.”

Nordic Lord of the Rings

My model was Emilia and my assistant and pyrotechnic was Ray, who was in charge of the smoke bombs.

_KER6752 a

We used a section of woodland local to me and stumbled across a pond which has now since dried up, and was very lucky with the weather for as soon as we packed up to get back in the car it started to rain. When photographing corsets I know there are a couple of things designers love, that’s an accentuated hip angle and a back shot, which most photographers don’t seem to pay attention too – but there is so much room for imagination in a back shot!

_KER6770 a

Waisted Creations also made the skirt and top layer, and I used pieces from Meta Morph, such as the “moss” and arm warmers and jewellery. I braided Emilia’s hair and fashioned the shoot similar to what you would expect from a cross between Game of Thrones, The Hobbit and Lord of The Rings – The Hobbit having come out literally at the same time I shot this meant this shoot quickly went viral.

_KER6685 a

Smoke bombs are quite hard to work with in the North, there is so much wind! But we worked quickly and just shot high speed whenever we set one off, often having Emilia run towards the smoke when the wind changed.

_KER6782 a

Emilia isn’t model, but we have worked together numerous times and she takes instruction perfectly, with a unique look and good figure, Emilia can more often than not provide fantastic images for designers where a new model may mess up – I admit of course that it is my own downfall not to know more real models! 🙁

_KER6766 a

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