Fay and Lucian Pet Portraiture Photoshoot


A few days before everyone left Nottingham because our final year at university was over, I shot Fay again in her amazing room with her pet Lucian the rabbit. They had both posed for me in the past, but this shoot turned out to be far more lovely and magical.

Lucian's Doll

Who says underwear is always saucy! The huge purple wig cause the light behind Fay to give off a lovely purple glow.

Lucian's Doll

When working with animals, I just have to basically let them do what they want and we run around after them!

Lucian's Doll

<3 I love getting owners and pets interacting in a memorable and special photo, I wish I had been able to get more with my dog before she passed on – something like this is a great thing to have in memory.

Lucian's Doll

I like how the “doll” look just worked itself out based on the styling we came up with. I had ball joint tights to test out so we threw them in, big suck in pants, and Fay had a great bra and black choker, both of which sectioned off parts of her body much like a ball joint doll, so the continuation kept, and topped off with the big purple fairy wig and diamantés’ under the eyes to catch the light.

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3 Responses to Fay and Lucian Pet Portraiture Photoshoot

  1. Beautiful work Kate! So, you’re graduated now? What next?

    Happy Holidays!

  2. Melody H. says:

    Lovely photos! Colors are great.
    I have those tights too, can’t wait to do a shoot in them. I love doll themes but usually they’re creepy so this is a nice change!

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