Fairytales Photoshoots for Fetish Exhibition


Sleeping Beauty

When I first started to think about my exhibition, I was pretty sure I knew what I wanted to do (how wrong I was). I started out with the idea of fetishised fairy tales with their original story lines and endings, which are much more “Grimm” than the Disney and Pixar versions.  Above is the drowning Prince from the Little Mermaid. He fell in love with another woman, and she was told to kill the Prince so that she could return home, but instead killed herself so that he could live happily. In my version, she killed the Prince by drowning him, “beautified” by the pastel colours. Below you can see a smug looking she devil – the mermaid perhaps, or the witch who she sold her voice to, it is fun to see how an idea can run and develop around the images after they are made, rather than trying to obtain a certain look beforehand. The Prince was actually our poor hair and make-up stylist Anthony. Below is my trustworthy Zara – absolutely bonkers but has never given me a bad image/shoot, she is a professional and looks the part! I always get a high standard with her 🙂


Harnesses provided by Malice.

Below is just a really good picture of Zara being sexy. I’m sure I could come up with some linking association, but I cant be bothered right now. To be honest, I’m sitting here wondering what happened to the rest of my Fairy tales images, because I had a lot more than this.

_KER8061 a _KER8067 a

Leather Harness by Louise Mckay

Below is Vicky as Sleeping Beauty. I turned her slumber into a medicinal coma and sterile aesthetic styling for the doctor and science fetish types.  Anthony gave her a fantastic amount of extra hair, to show it just keeps growing haphazardly while we sleep (and I’m pretty sure after we die too).  The original story is that Sleeping Beauty was raped in her sleep by her father and bore two of his children. Rape is not the same as BDSM at all, but in order to just graze the subject I included the use of restraints. Don’t tell me how you make having babies a fetish, I would rather not know.

_KER7956 a _KER7947 a
The leather was supplied by Ancestor Leathercrafts, plastic ruff by Lovechild Boudoir.

_KER7977 a _KER7982 a

Originally there was to be a Snow White image set, but the corset did not arrive in time, but the idea was to show tight lacing, as “a strong belt suffocated Snow White to the point the evil Witch thought her dead”. I also wanted a Shibari Rapunzal, but couldn’t find a rope master.  However I am really happy with the images I did manage to get, I felt it was a real turning point in beginning to get more high fashion, professional and “centrefold” style images., these almost come across as movie stills

_KER8107 a

At this point in the development of my exhibition project I was still very naive to the topic of sexuality and fetishism – and freedom for that matter, so they do not posses true meanings of what I had hoped to achieve, but are more simply attractive, sexual images based on a fairytale idea that has been done a few times.

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  1. don’t be too hard on yourself! I think they’re compelling images and I think you have “enough” conceptual / narrative connection. You do have a feeling; you don’t have to nail all of it down. When is/was the exhibition?

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