Disco Drag Pearls and Swine New Years Party Photoshoot


Drag cross dressing chinese male in glittery head gear
This was originally shot for Freque Magazine but we missed the deadline by a few days.I have decided to release this image, after a long wait from shooting back in January. This was a concept close to my heart that I thought up inspired by the dazzle of New Years culture. This was originally a concept that was wanted to be heavily based upon Drag Queens, however as the shoot went on, our model looked more and more like a woman!#drag #shrinkle #disco #colour #glitter #wig#makeup #newyearseve #party #sugarpill#pearlsandswine #dragraceModel: Ray Choy
MUA: Metamorphic Unique Art
Hair: Insomnium Wigs
Headpieces: Pearls & Swine
Retouching/Studio: Saint Sway
Drag cross dressing chinese male in glittery head gear  

A rare look at the photographer on behind the scenes photos for once! Here you can see a sequence of me doing model direction and the lighting set up, it was the first time I had ever done clam shell/butterfly and I instantly fell in love with the technique, does anyone have a favourite technique or quirky suggestions to alter this one?

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Make Up was done by Metamorphic Unique Arts who jumped into the “Drag” brief whole heartedly and was not afraid of bold colours and solid lines, and mixing it up with ombre and glitter. We Used wigs by my sponsor Insomnium Wigs, which I had requested well in advance in anticipation for this shoot, I had no idea that Ray would suit the wig so well and make him look so feminine, it really stole the Drag aspect of the concept!

Drag cross dressing chinese male in glittery head gear


Ray is from Tyne Tees Models, and I would highly recommend him, there was a distinct difference between him and many models I have used in the past, in the sense that he was not afraid to “Vogue”, and if anyone doesn’t know what that is, it is the act of extreme posing, as oppose to catalogue or lifestyle posing.

I thought he looked a lot like Sugarpills Shrinkle 

Speaking of Sugarpill, this was my look for the shoot –  I rarely wear make-up, but when I do, its Sugarpill and MUA. I just need to work on my eyebrows now! Sugarpill were kind enough to even comment on my image on twitter :’) I hope they see my disco drag pics and like those too!

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