Film Vs Digital Cameras on Darling Sinclair Night Street Photoshoot


When I started my 2nd year at University I didn’t fully understand the project I was given, but went ahead with an idea of “Heroin Chic” and did this test shoot with Lucinda. I had only met Lucinda once before in my 1st year when I shot her for a fashion students work. Lucinda herself was also at the time a fashion student.


We shot on the streets between where our two flats were and I practised street and low light (along with film). At the time I was still a very inexperienced photographer in adventurous lighting situations, but since then have found just how fun it is (and useful) to go out and practice things like this with new people.


Since this shoot, I can call Lucinda one of my best friends, I was very close to her and she’s a bit of an idol to me, very confident in appearance and kind – she is now a successful business owner and self employed fashion designer and agency model living in London! I hope my photos of her back in her pink heroin chic days dont drag her down 😉


The following images were shot on film:


I think this is where my fascination with smokers began. I had always loved the way some people are able to capture mood and power and captivity with the art formed by the smoke, and how the model or subject is reactant with it. Smoke opens up an entirely new side to fashion and culture than what you see on the high-street, as usually the higher end, more artistic designers and photographers delve their editorials into connotations of fetish and neck deep history, nothing is by chance or there without a reason, that Is something I learned during my dissertation, and something I found out was wrong with my own work.


When it comes to film, it’s safe to say I have no real idea what I’m doing, so for this shoot I would check all my settings on a digital, then put them on the analogue and snap, and though I had no clue what was going on, I think the film actually came out better/sharper than the digital, which is odd because I have a terrible eye for manual focus blur.


Really love the Bokeh 🙂


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