Crème (with detachable ponytails) Wig Review



Crème (with detachable ponytails)

Crème (with detachable ponytails)


Lenght : basic wig :65cm/23.62inch 
ponytails :45cm/17.71inch 
Color: blonde 
Estimated shipping weight : 575g 
Material :Synthetic High Temp Fiber

This was one of my first wigs by this company and I must say it has held up well. It can be worn immediatley and unlike a lot of side fringes wigs or those with uncut bangs, it does not require cutting, but you do need to practice brushing hair into place properly for it to look right, but that comes with practice. My wig is 70cm long, very thick, quite heavy, wavy with nice curls at the ends all attached to a blonde wig cap. This wig does matte and tatter so maintenance is required and a lot of patience. the pigtails are strong and bouncy with matching blonde coloured clasps and I am yet to have any tatting issues with these.


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