Vampire Knight and Ririchiyo Cosplay Photoshoots


I have a current, serious love for Cosplay photography. It was surprisingly difficult to capture the essence of a pre-made character – not to mention having to find serious Cosplayers who had the proper costumes and actually looked relative to the characters they portrayed.  Professional Cosplayers have photo shoots of their costumes which can be sold to fans, or used to début a new costume or their appearance at an upcoming event.

Yuki Cross Cosplay

I am lucky enough to have a patient best friend who is interested in cosplaying and is very good at it! She is quite popular in the Gyaru community but doesn’t think so herself 😉


During the Ririchiyo shoot, it was raining on and off, water got on my lens and creatively made lens flares that worked well with the sun setting, we got very lucky to have such a spectacular sky.

Asian Stock

I am always on the lookout for serious cosplay models and east Asian models to experiment with new and creative ideas.

(Please note the model shown in this post is entirely British! What you see is the power of make-up and styling!)

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