Chav Revival Photoshoot


On the 8th of February before I went to the Scottish Highlands, I had the humbling pleasure of a model from Nottingham travelling up to Newcastle for the chance to work with me. Roks-Ann  had first contacted me about four years ago when I started University at Nottingham Trent, but unfortunately a shoot never came about because of how busy everything was. Multiple times we had tried to rekindle something and finally it happened this year and I had the utmost pleasure of also meeting hair extraordinary Rachel Smee and Make-up delight Colleen.


I wanted to do something completely out of my style and Roks complimented the golden style of Die Atwood, one thing led to another and we ended up reviving the old style of “Chav” which EVERYONE can probably agree is not something people find attractive or inviting.


FEROX made a brilliant gold jacket to be worn, but otherwise everything used in the shoot was our own, bought or found for the shoot. Roks got herself some gold grillz which we unfortunately found out are not so easy to use!

I had a stash of hair pastels from years ago that I had never used and let Rachel go mad with them – it took 4 hours in hair and make-up but I’m so glad we did it! The results with the added colour in the plait work takes the photos to another level.

Colleen managed to pull off a very difficult make-up look of combining glosses and shadows with a thick sweat effect. Roks may not have looked too alluring in person, but under the studio lights we got exactly the effect we were after. The amount of baby oil we piled on her I’m surprised she didn’t slip right out of her clothes on her drive home.

Chav Revival

I don’t have much in the way in the world of music (I don’t even own any albums or have music on my phone) but I think the photos today are a great cross into music styled imagery and the sporty aesthetic some people take up (I guess its comfortable?).


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