Cassie Rae Photoshoot Marathon Weekend Visit 2014


At the end of July, I had the absolute honour of hosting a photoshoot marathon weekend to Essex/Cambridge couple Steve and Cassie. People willing to travel far and wide from all over the UK, and in some cases the world, still astounds and humbles me, but Cassie did one further and actually made the plunge.


Steve and Cassie arrived late on the Saturday and we went to Blyth South Beach to photograph Sanctus and Nearer the Moon, by the time we left it was nearing 9pm, we rushed back to their hotel, then about half an hour later were back on the road again and visited the metro centre, photographing lingerie by Nearer the Moon, Blu-83 by Daisy Cutter burlesque and Black Mirror Design. We shot there until a security guard discreetly let us know that it was time to leave at 11pm.


For the Sunday I booked a special surprise for my southern guests and got us a room or two in Lumley Castle to shoot in for as long as we wished – once we finished up there we went back to my studio to photograph some whimsical fantasy goodness! They left by 4pm the next day, clocking an exact total of 16 hours shooting at ridiculously late and early hours and with 8 hours for sleep.

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