Cabbage Patch Bitch – Location Photoshoot with Mademoiselle Boo


dirty female model in a muddy field at sun set

When my family go to the city, they take a country route before hitting the motorway, and in February I noticed a field behind a hedge that looked like it was full of cabbages – or at least some thick dense green foliage, and we had a lot of rain, I had just bought waterproof camera casing, and I was trying to get a few new ideas. I don’t know what possessed me to think up an idea of a girl soaked and covered in mud in a cabbage patch field.
dirty female model in a muddy field at sun set

And I don’t know what possessed Boo to say yes when I pitched the idea to her either! Boo had been a follower of mine since the very beginning, since I first set up on Facebook I think, and I had known who Boo was from her performance page before I had even started photography, but I had never imagined how humbled she had been to have me shoot with her, which made me feel even more humble! It is always a shock to realise just how much some people like what you do, or what to be a part of something you do and create great work together. dirty female model in a muddy field at sun set

Our shoot wasn’t exactly like I had imagined it to be, as I normally avoid models with tattoos, but Boo had the ideal body for the shoot and had the enthusiasm and drive which is most important. And even though it wasn’t what I had imagined, I think it turned into something different altogether. I had wanted pouring rain – instead I got a beautiful sunset which moulded well with Boos vibrant red hair and the green foliage. dirty female model in a muddy field at sun set

It was a different style of modelling for Boo, and for that I am happy to have given her that experience, I love to bring people into new ways of doing things, and showing them in completely out of the ordinary ways – or ways in which people are used to seeing them. I adore these images more and more every time I look back at it, it just looks so fiery.dirty female model in a muddy field at sun set

Boo turned out to be a lovely woman as well, we had a great long chat on the way home in the car, which was sad to end abruptly when we arrived and she had to get back, but its great to find people you just click with and can create mutually brilliant work together 🙂 I think I know why I like these pictures so much now, I think it’s because I didnt make them to please anyone, they were just fun to do, playing with an idea, meeting and getting on well with someone new, they are not made to follow standards of fashion or anything like that. Its just us 🙂

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