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Most of you will have seen by now that on the 1st of Feb I did my first Bridal shoot. This wasn’t anything to do with a wedding by the way, but it was a fashion photo shoot using a designers wedding dresses and accessories. ┬áHer name is Kathryn Russel and after seeing her designs I am pretty sure that if I ever did get married, I would get most of my items from her. The model was Maz, whom I have shot once before and it was a real kick in the nuts at how professional she was, but I grew from that first time and this time I was full of confidence and I already felt like I knew her angles. I would recommend Maz to anyone who was after a really good high class model. Our make-up was done by Emma Louise, who I think did a wonderful job – especially in the freezing cold conditions we put her through! I hope to work with this lovely woman again ­čÖé

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We started at one location in Jesmond in the morning, but the conditions were awful. As it was a Sunday, there were a lot of people around and we couldn’t get any decent shots without passers bys getting in the way, in the end we found a lovely little nook to make camp in but by this point we were really feeling cold and poor Maz had to model in it! I could tell we had to work quickly when she got angry at every pedestrian that went by haha. Emma was my lovely assistant after make-up and hair touch ups, but my hot shoe flash inevitably decided it was not going to work so we relied on a reflector.
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After that location ordeal was over we grabbed a taxi to the city centre and dived straight into City Library cafe for hot chocolate and cake! I cant believe how blessed I am to have those two girls go through such an ordeal for the sake of great photos. They prepared more hair and make-up after warming up and recouping. The entire two weeks before the shoot had been a little bit of an ordeal to get things organised, first and foremost we knew we needed a location. I went in every bar and club, gallery and museum┬átrying to find something and everything had some kind of potential but either I couldn’t get in contact with a manager or there was a massive catch. Eventually, Maz and I made contact with the city council and got special permission for private photography access to the Laing Gallery (it was at this point I was worried we wouldnt get anywhere at all!) but thanks to Maz, we landed the space from for an hour or so after dressing.bridal bts wedding dress photographer art gallery

We got a lot of attention in the gallery, a lot of old ladies asking about what we were doing with great interest, it was quite hard to tell them I was on a tight time frame and couldn’t stand around to chat! I am so proud of these photos, I think they really helped me grow in the post production side of things too.

Fashion High Street and Designer PhotographySince completing the photos and wrapping things up, our team has become so close that I dare say we will work together again and soon I hope! Kathryn has been approached by the PR team of the Laing to use the photos for promotions and we should be contacting local papers to milk the story, there is also hope of an official printed magazine feature on the horizon.

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  1. Katie says:

    Ah, I can’t get over how much I love the colours and composition in the last shot!

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