Betta Fish Beach Self Portrait Photoshoot


Waisted Creations and I did a joint creative collaboration and designed this amazing corset specially for creative and daring photo shoots, it was inspired by the Betta Fish, and a little private gift to my partner who had recently lost his (and was oddly attached too because he had saved it from a Laboratory).

Betta Mermaid

I modelled the corset at the coast, as we struggled to find an accommodating lake or pond to shoot in.  I used an Insomnium Wig and mixture of Sugarpill and Lime Crime make-up, trying to achieve an alienesque appearance with contact lenses, though I don’t think that really shows in the images.


Waisted Creations not only made the corset, but also the skirt and added the Isis Wings.


This photo shoot is actually a test and practice for the real thing – so there will be more where this came from!


I know a lot of people in the corset community were very angry about me modelling the corset in water, but the corset was made for this purpose and every care had and has and will continue to be taken to reduce damage to its internal boning – nonetheless, the corset was made for this purpose and to be used daringly, to push the boundaries of what we think is allowed and acceptable – the reason this set got such an uproar and mixture of responses was due to no one ever doing it before – and that’s exactly what I wanted.


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