Amelia’s Diary Gore Couture Photoshoot


This shoot was done in October 2010 with Gore Couture who had let me shoot with her and meet up as I had just moved to a new city and didn’t know anyone in Nottingham.


This was before I had any real idea what I was doing with admin, branding, SEO or self promotion or any of those things, So I went with water colouring and bordering my images for a little while.


Minty the model has a fantastic hip to waist ratio so the curve was really dramatic for the conical style GC does. We didn’t use a hair stylist or MUA and managed all the extra hair pieces, false lashes and contact lenses ourselves. ¬†We also tea stained the bandages ourselves too and made the costumes out of them.


We even had an insane asylum patient who Amelia had cut off the eyelids of (they don’t called it Gore Couture for no reason).

DSC_1448 edit

Real diary entries were written out and teas stained, ripped up and used in the shoot, I got some leaves and built up a set in the studio where I was working at the time to try get a full on abandoned Asylum look, where the character Amelia was running amok.


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