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So today I want to review a recent transaction I had with Agent Provocateur. I order the Jet Bra in the clearance sale, originaly meant to be £110 I believe, reduce to £25.


First off, the packaging, the ordering process was simple, and the parcel arrived promptly for the £5 postage you had to choose. The box and packaging was lovely, and really did give you the impression of a premium item with a sturdy pale pink box with specialist printed logo on the top and fine silk black ribbon ties.
IMG_4192 IMG_4191

It came with a pink envelope, inside held your receipt and the information for returns, I thought this was a nice feature rather than just tossing it in there.

The package was wrapped in black tissue paper and sealed with another brand specifically printed pink sticker, which I automatically tried to keep in tact and not ruin just from impressions.


Here you can see a little pamphlet of instruction on how to “work” the bra itself, it served pretty useful, as when I tried on the bra, everything went wrong.


As soon as I opened the box, things went wrong. First of all:

  1. I was not expecting a sheer mesh cup material, as the display image didn’t expose any skin tone and the nipples would have been photoshopped out.
  2. I was not expecting a stiff, cheap feeling PVC material on the trim and straps.


The products tag reveals its original price, size and clearly gives you a warning about returns, this makes me double think the value of the product immediately, and that maybe the company automatically assumes you are wanting to return the product. However, again, the branding is solid and I appreciate the quality of the tags.


Even the golden sliders have AP detail engraving.


So I tried it on, safe to say, I was disheartened. It lay awkwardly and suspended off the collarbone into the air, rather than lying flat, the PVC material also wrinkled and twisted awkwardly and was stitched at an odd angle onto the cups.
Overall I was so underwhelmed by the bra, that I sent it back the same day it was received, claiming for a refund. I bought the item on the 22nd January and contacted them on the 29th about getting my refund, they answered within a day which was great but claimed it would take up to 2 weeks for my refund to be processed due to the “sheer volume of refunds” they were dealing with at the time. I was “partially” refunded my £25 but not the full £30 on the 9th February, and have since contacted them about this. Hopefully they refund me that additional £5.

I have spoken to other customers of the brand and none of the remarks have been kind, with a lot of words about cheapness and poor quality and horrible customer service. I am so so disappointed in this purchase that I fear I probably wont get another “premium” quality brand product again, at least not online.

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4 Responses to Agent Provocateur Jet Bra Review

  1. Don’t loose hope in AP. I’ve had rather good experiences with AP.

    I purchased the Jet set as well. I took the bra to my tailor and had them shorten the non-adjustable straps across the front of the bra. I often get my lingerie altered to fit because I am not model height and have a small ribcage. With PVC and leather lingerie it is necessary to let the garment warm to your body. Mine was super wrinkly when I put it on as well, after about 10 min, my body heat had relaxed the bra cups and I was able to make strap measurements for my tailor.

    I made 6 orders during the sale. As prices dropped I would re-order the items I wanted if they were still available in my size and send back the more expensive ones previously purchased. I ended up keeping 25 pieces and had returns processed for 38 pieces. Near the end of the sales my returns were taking 3 weeks to be processed. I had to contact them about one return after 4 weeks had passed and I had received no emails about the return being processed yet. I’m not sure if they found my package or just refunded the $760 of merchandise that I had stated was in the box. I got my money back in about 48hours after contacting them.

    Also, I received a broken (ripped) Darla Suspender belt in one of my orders that had no tags. I contacted them immediately (same day) via email and with no questions asked they apologized and sent me a new one free of charge.

    I work in retail, selling high end lingerie at a department store for 3 years now. So when something goes wrong and I have to deal with customer service on a transaction I follow my templet to streamline things and keep my emotions out of the conversation so they don’t make things worse. Here’s my templet:

    1) title the email with the order number and 2-4 words describing the issue. “Missing/damaged item in order XXX” or “status of return for order XXX”
    2) Greet kindly, introduce yourself, say something along the lines of “sorry to bother you,” and then 1 sentence about why you’ve emailed.
    3) 1-4 sentences along the lines of “I am beginning to worry about _____ because of _____”
    4) list out data like dates (of order, receipt, mailed something back), order numbers, and tracking numbers.
    5) “Please feel free to contact me if you require additional information or have any questions, I will help in any way I can”
    6) sign off with “Kind regards, [Name]” sometimes I leave my phone number after my name.

    Hope this helps.

    P.S. I like your taste in lingerie. It takes a unique eye and a confident woman to fancy a daring set like Jet. Happy shopping!

    • Hi

      Yeah, your template is exactly how I treat people in any situation, so that is good :- ) I know they are a company and not just one person and the person receiving the emails isint to blame.
      However I think the disappointment for me was in that I NEVER by luxury items for myself, and having been in love with Jet from their site, bought it as a self indulgence one off in the sale only for it not to be perfect and below expectations. Branding however was great!
      But I would expect an item that was supposed to be over £100 to be perfect upon arrival with no need for tailoring (and someone like me would never think to go for tailoring or allowing the plastic to heat up). However I also hadn’t realised the Jet was sheer mesh, from the website it had looked like an opaque fabric, possibly a fault of mine but there were just too many disappointments for me 🙁
      I do still love the style – just wish it had all been a bit tighter!
      Your pointers and experience was a good read however 🙂 !

      • Yeah, I had no idea it was mesh either, until I had the chance to see it in New York a month before the sale. Over Christmas I found some really nice, comfortable, 100% reusable, non-adhesive, matt silicone, nipple covers that I am in love with. They are called Nippies by Bristol Six. With them I feel confident wearing my sheer bras that had previously been reserved for “special occasions.” And because they don’t have adhesive you just wipe them out and there is no grimy buildup and need to replace them.

        And I’m sure you’ve heard of sister sizing. Maybe try a 32C next time? It’ll have the same cup and wire but the band will be tighter and pull the cup tighter against your chest wall. That’s another reason I end up at the tailor so often; I need my 32d bras taken in to be a 30DD so the cup sits flush and the band doesn’t ride up in back (most companies don’t make 30DD especially sexy 30DD bras). Next time you’re at a store with bras, try on some 32C’s and see what you think. Also, don’t worry about back fat, that’ll go away because all bras stretch, some more than others.

        Happy shopping!

  2. Tiffany says:

    I just stumbled upon this review a year later because I bought the jet set on ebay and thought I received a fake because the quality was so shoddy. thanks for letting me know that’s just how it is normally. now I have to pay overseas shipping to return it. but note that I own a few of their pieces and aside from some fit issues i have been pleased with everything else! and I haven’t had any customer service issues yet either.

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